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Nos Hébergements pour Votre Séjour de Pêche en Bosnie | Paradise Flyfishing

Bienvenue chez Paradise Flyfishing, où chaque moment de votre séjour de pêche en Bosnie est soigneusement conçu pour allier confort et immersion dans la nature. Découvrez nos options d'hébergement, toutes sélectionnées avec le plus grand soin pour vous offrir une expérience inoubliable.

Discover fly fishing in the Balkans.

Paradise FlyFishing, invites you to discover fishing on the flyuche in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and more particularly inRepublika Srpska (Serbian Republic of Bosnia).
Here, the rivers are almost free of pollution, and each one is more beautiful than the other.

As theRibnik For example.

ThereRibnik is a resurgence that crosses the village of the same name. This is fly fishing paradise.The river is renowned throughout the world as a paradise for grayling and trout. The Ribnik is a chalk stream very rich in insects which makes it every fishermen's dream.

Shadowss exceeding the size of 50 cm and very large brown troutare captureds regularly.
It is a very popular river due to its ease of access and untouched nature throughout its course. The river is home to millions of insects, however it can sometimes also be a
littleconfusing when you have to fish for shadows with de very small flies from #20 to #24.

Obviously, the sight nymph is queen in these waters crystalline.

The average width of Ribnik is 20 m and the length is about 5km from the source to its confluence with the Sana River.

Traveling to Republika Srpska is like taking a trip through time.

For accommodation, we suggest you stay in a single room in comfortable lodges by the river.

Take a look at our gallery photos: Click here !


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