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Voyage séjour de pêche à la mouche en Bosnie




Nos Hébergements pour Votre Séjour de Pêche en Bosnie | Paradise Flyfishing

Bienvenue chez Paradise Flyfishing, où chaque moment de votre séjour de pêche en Bosnie est soigneusement conçu pour allier confort et immersion dans la nature. Découvrez nos options d'hébergement, toutes sélectionnées avec le plus grand soin pour vous offrir une expérience inoubliable.

The Ribnik is a resurgence which crosses the village of the same name. The river is renowned throughout the world as a paradise for grayling and trout.

The Ribnik is a chalk stream very rich in insects which makes it every fishermen's dream.


The Sanica is a medium-sized river with a width of between 10 and 20 m and a depth of up to 4 m. There are few fast-flowing sections which makes the Sanica a very easily accessible river.

There is a strong population of common grayling with specimens over 45 cm. In addition to the shade, there is also a high density of brown trout of all sizes.



The Unac measures 20 to 30m wide and 0.5 to 4m deep. The Unac is extremely rich in large rainbow trout. Fish caught can weigh up to 6 kg. In addition to trout, some grayling can be caught.


The Pliva is a river with extraordinary colors, incredible purity and diversity of insects, which makes it one of the most beautiful fly fishing rivers in Europe. The Pliva has its source in the village of Pljeva, 6 km upstream from Šipovo.

La Pliva is very rich in shadows which can reach 60 cm. Although you can easily observe them, catching a Pliva grayling can be tricky as the food is abundant and the water is clear and deep. For this reason, fly fishermen ALL OVER THE WORLD covet Pliva grayling like trophies.




The Una is a powerful and clear river, with its incomparable color and almost unique structural variety, it flows through numerous waterfalls and extends into various arms before finally flowing into the Sava River. On its way, the Unac and Krka rivers join the Una.

Upstream its waters are a true paradise for trout and grayling.

The Haute Sana is a river populated by wild brown trout and grayling and supplemented by a few HUCHO huchons. 

Its length is 5 km, it is rich in grayling and good-sized brown trout. The average width of the section is 25 m and the length is 5 km.This is ideal water for nymph fishing with line and dry fishing.


L'Una est une rivière puissante et limpide, avec sa couleur incomparable et sa variété structurelle presque unique, elle traverse de nombreuses cascades et s'étend en divers bras avant de finalement se jeter dans la rivière Sava. Sur son chemin, les rivières Unac et Krka rejoignent l'Una.

En amont ses eaux sont un véritable paradis pour la truite et l'ombre.

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